Thursday, 4 June 2015

Genius is One Percent Inspiration and Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration (Thomas A. Edison)

This article is made to dedicate to Thomas A. Edison who coined the world's most inspiring idea; "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration."
Just a glace at his idea (one percent inspiration), another intellectually exponential idea converted into writing, hearing, reading words, by a supporter of him, Lay Vicheka (ninety-nine percent perspiration).
To me, this quote of Thomas A. Edison does make countless things to me. Many refer to him as "a man of ideas", but I call him "a man of mental inspiration."
His idea: "genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" is just on track with my own mindset, which were written down and published on my websites and other websites around the world. It was the law of nature and our creator's law that states, human are all equal; birth, social status, political stance and other status are not the determining factors for our destiny and only perspiration is the determining factor.
Today's world allocates us everything to improve ourselves, to set our goals, to make us able to, to-the-best-potential, make use of our in-hand resources, to walk on our determined path, and last but not least, to reach our enlightened destiny. Your enlightened destiny may be different from other destinies, so do not worry if you think you set destiny seems remote from other's.
In my "we need help in our birth, but not in our death" intends to provoke the idea and the philosophy of hard and scarified work as that of Thomas A. Edison's philosophical tactic.
Now, let us take a think¡ in what ways you are different from other successful people, politicians, intellectuals and other celebrities? Are those people famous and rich from birth? Some may be yes, but the most important thing is that they want to be where they are now? Moreover, why you cannot be like them? Thomas A. Edison and I would simultaneously answer that "because you never want to be such the persons."
Believe me¡ the world is made up of human efforts and you are always good enough to bring a new shape to the world. Did our world creator want the outlook of our existing world? No, because it is human who furnaces our existing as well as impending worlds. How would you want your world be and to be like? Contribute buy applying the philosophical tenet, "Genius is One percent Inspiration and Ninety-Nine percent Perspiration."

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